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All I Ever Want Is Everything - CD

All I Ever Want Is Everything is a portrait of Blu at her most unstoppable and her most vulnerable, as she captures the thrillingly unpredictable process of coming into one's own. Inspired by sleepless nights out on the town and memories of her thumping DJ sets, the album sees Blu staking a claim to her desires and transforming into the messy protagonist of her fantasies.

1. Intro To Everything
2. Latency
3. Expensive Money
4. I’ll Never Tell
5. Dangerous Game
6. Moxie
7. Kiss
8. Cut Me Down (ft. Mallrat)
9. Imposter Syndrome
10. Hey You
11. Disappearing (ft. Magdalena Bay)
12. Sad Girl
13. Overdrive
14. You Say

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